Kevlar VestEdit

Level required 2
Max level 6

Increases your armor by 0.2 per level.

Augmented ArmorEdit

Level required 5
Max level 3

Increases energy regeneration by 10% per level.


Level required 8
Max level 4

Chance to avoid a normal weapon attack. 8% chance to dodge per level. This applies to zombie, player, turret attacks, and has 1 second cooldown.

Well FedEdit

Level required 11
Max level 6

Increases hit points by 5 per level.

Life Support SystemEdit

Level required 14
Max level 3

Increases health regeneration by 150% per level.


Level required 17
Max level 3

Level 1: You learn the schematic to build perdition turrets Level 2: +50 hp on perdition turret Level 3: +100hp on perdition turret

Reinforced StructuresEdit

Level required 20
Max level 5

All your structures gain an additional 10 Hit Points per level.

Fortified BarricadesEdit

Level required 23
Max level 4

Your barricades are more durable with 0.3 armor per level.

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